Books and Reveiws and first blog posts…

When it comes to choosing what books to read, I am peculiar, erratic and unpredictable, sometimes even to myself. That is not to say that I follow no pattern at all, just that most times the what and when is a question mark, and sometimes even the why. I’ve been meaning to blog review posts for a good long while now because frankly anyone who’s as much of a Bibliophile as I am being able to keep my opinions to myself since I have nobody around me to tell them to or discuss it with is driving me crazy. I’m first and foremost a fantasy freak with romance not much further down the scale. Of course a combination of both is perfect too.

Every time I think of blogging, I get stuck at how to begin or rather where. So I figured since I’m going to procrastinate endlessly, why not just do it. So….its my first post and I suppose I’m just sort of introducing my motives and what I’m blogging on. As I already said, fantasy and romance – I’m going to be reviewing novels or series in these genres.

This is not exactly a tour of my bookshelf but it does give you a little bit of an idea. This should be good enough for an introduction!


7 thoughts on “Books and Reveiws and first blog posts…

      1. I’ve read it twice now, but I think my granddaughters have it now, so no more rereads! There’s long been a promise of a further sequel or even prequel, featuring Cadfan, but I’m not up-to-date on that.

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