Daughter of the blood by Anne Bishop

Have you read an author whose every series is a work of art? Anne Bishop has created four unbelievable worlds with such awe-inspiring detail and beauty, that I’m always left speechless. I have an inkling that more people these days read her latest series – The others and might not have much interest to go back and check her other works.

That is a great folly!


Daughter of the blood is the first book in the Black Jewels trilogy and also Anne Bishop’s debut novel. There are many amazing characters but there are four main characters namely, Jaenelle, Daemon, Lucivar, and Saetan. Daemon and Lucivar are Saetan’s sons, son’s that are not aware of their parentage. At the opening of the novel, all three are fully grown and several centuries (in Saetan’s case several millenia) old except for Jaenelle who is a child.

Though Jaenelle is a child, she has an interminable mysteriousness that simply does not disappear. One contributing factor might be that we do not see Jaenelle’s point of view. The entire series is juggled between Daemon, Saetan and Lucivar and sometimes other characters also (briefly) but never Jaenelle. Normally this would be a minus point in a story but somehow, I get the feeling that reading Jaenelle’s point of view might disillusion me because nothing can live up to the image I have.

The notions of Honour, of right and wrong in the book are stretched and often skewed. People loathe and fear Saetan and yet, Saetan is the most righteous (in the best possible way), most honourable person in all the realms. Of course, when you have a title like the High Lord of Hell, it might be expected. There are three realms in the book, Terrielle, Kaeleer, and Hell. Hell is the Darkest realm. Though, in a world where darkness is worshipped, why is that such a fearful thing? Terrielle is the light realm and Kaeleer is the shadow. Terrielle is also the most corrupt realm and Kaeleer the most honourable.

A conundrum, right?

This book is filled with them.

The themes in this book are very dark, but somehow it doesn’t diminish the story at all. The world building is amazing and even though it is extensive, it is neither rushed nor confusing. The story is even paced, and not for a moment does it get boring. Some phrases are absolutely riveting and the writing style is beautiful. You’ll fall so in love with the characters and the way they interact with each other. The family dynamic is truly worth reading. For those who like a dose of romance in their fantasy, if you be patient, you’ll get that when Jaenelle’s of age (later in the series).

There are races of people, the short lived races that have a life span of 100-200 years and long lived races that live thousands of years. There is also prejudice about the races and castes and jewel ranks. All of this creates a very complex system but a very interesting one none the less. There are kindred, animals that are a part of the ‘blood’ as those with jewels are known. And I could delve much deeper into the story but for those who are inclined to read it, I will leave it for them to dicover it themselves.

Daughter of the Blood@goodreads

4.5/5 stars


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