The Pillars of the World by Anne Bishop

The Pillars of the World (Tir Alainn #1)

by Anne Bishop
Myth and magic combine in a superb dark fantasy of a world in danger of being destroyed by those who deny themselves and their heritage, and let evil loose in the world.

In Sylvalan, a witch hunt is in full force. As witches and innocents are brutally murdered, magic is disappearing from the land, and the roads between the world of humans and that of faeries are vanishing one by one. Ari’s family has tended one of the Old Places, places which hold the key to travel between human and faery lands, for generations, keeping the magic alive and the land lush and fertile. Ari unknowingly takes a Fae lover, the Lord of the Sun, and immediately becomes the target of the unwanted interest of the faery nobility.

To save their world the Fae must trust humankind, but with a few exceptions they do not believe Ari and her friends can help them. Against the Inquisitor and the arrogant Fae, Ari and those who believe in the world of magic and human unravel the secrets of the Old Places and discover that they all need each other if any are to survive.

This is a story which uses all the myriad stories of humankind, good and evil, to weave a breathtaking tale of action, romance and thought-provoking themes to enthrall readers.

My thoughts
Okay, I have to say that if Anne Bishop is one of those author’s whose every series is just impeccably fantastic, then this is the one and only book so far that I’ll exclude from that. This series on a whole is awesome (truly, truly), which probably seems peculiar after my previous sentence. Thing is, when I first picked up this book, I thought it seemed nice if a bit slow. As I got further into the book, I just started losing interest. I thought of putting it down a number of times but decided to atleast finish it. I think I only truly enjoyed the last portion of the book and a few tit-bits in between.
The Pillars of the World is set in Sylvalan where witches are being hunted down. There is Tir Alainn, the land of the fae, which is above Sylvalan and roads lead down to it which are visible only to the fae. Ari is a witch who lives in an old place, pockets of land which still hold deep magic and anchor the roads. The fae are arrogant and disregard everyone else. The wiches, even though they are being hunted, won’t fight back because they hold on blindly to their creed of ‘Do no harm’. The book was slow to start, had a slow middle and only a fast ending. The ending wasn’t rushed (thankfully) and I quite liked it but it din’t make up for reading the rest of the novel.
Even so, I will say this, its an awesome series. I liked the book better the second time I read it (after going through the whole series) though that has no bearing on anything. After reading this book, I was’nt keen on going further into the series, and I delayed reading it for months. But one day I was extremely bored and had nothing interesting to read so I decided to just read it. I am glad I did. The second book was a vast improvement. And the third was even better. Truly, from the second book onward, it was Anne Bishop’s usual amazing, can’t keep it down variety.
I’ll say this one was about 3.25/5 stars

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